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Learn how to de-escalate effectively and how to stay safe when dealing with aggressive and violent people.


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This book offers step-by-step proven effective practical de-escalating methods to deal with aggression, to resolve conflict and to prevent violence.

"My goal is to create safety in social relationships and to enable mutual rapprochement. This book provides the means and methods for you to also make a difference"

Reinier Verbeek

My name is Reinier Verbeek. I am a Royal Dutch Army veteran and served in the field of security services. I also worked for many years as a registered nurse in a psychiatric and psychotherapeutic hospital for children and juveniles near Vienna, Austria.


Nowadays, I am in high demand as a speaker, trainer and coach. I teach professionals effective and secure strategies on how to prevent violence and professionally deal with aggressive behavior and how to respectfully resolve conflict. 


My widespread experience, pragmatic no-nonsense mentality, combined with a sound underlying theoretical foundation form the basis of my trainings and are reflected in the content of my book.

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FAQ (under construction)

Who can benefit from this book?

Basically anyone will benefit from reading this practical book with many tips for everyday life. Professionals working with people under strenuous and difficult circumstances on a daily base, like social workers, medical personal, doctors, pedagogues etc. especially notice reduced feelings of stress and will feel more secure and competent, when dealing with conflict, aggression and hostile people. These benefits motivated me personally to write this book. Feeling secure also means better capabilities to be more empathatic and to being able to support people, whenever they see no other way out of their predicaments then to use flight-or-fight behaviour, like aggression.

What does this book has to offer me?

This book offers a clear, easy to follow and easy to use practical structure on how to deal with conflict and aggression. It also shows you how to stay safe at all times. The practical tools this books offers you are: * how to use stress to your benefit, how to stay level minded and how to prevent impulsive and hectic behaviour of your own. * recognizing the different forms of aggression and their potential dangers * adapting and using the optimal style (quality of attitude) to approache stressed, anxious, emotional instable and hostile individuals. * practical tips on how to de-escalate diffent forms of aggression * negotiating skills to resolve conflict; what to think of pratically and how to apply efficient rhetorical skills * the processing and "digesting" of negative experiences to prevent prolonged negative stress and occupational burnout * practical excersices in each chapter help implement the content. * Etc.

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